Chris Blasczak Real Estate Investor

Chris Blasczaks core values

My mission statement is to become a super real estate agent and real estate investor in the greater Boston area and not be limited to this country or in the world.

I am relentless, tenacious to do what others do well at best, brilliantly. I will stop at nothing to make my vision reality.

  • Integrity: I will do the right thing, I will not do the wrong thing I will help as many people as I can, I will not hurt anyone in my path of action to give birth to my dreams.
  • Respect: I value people as a human being and treat everybody with courtesy and dignity. I have worked extremely hard to build valuable relationships that are independent and mutual.
  • Growth and Responsibility: behaviors, successes and failures are the result of personal choices. I accept all of these commitments and hold myself accountable for my choices and my performance.

I will always listen to an opportunity, I strive to seek out those who need me and offer value in exchange for the relationship.

Selling, Investing and Buying:

CB Investing LLC:

I own and operate Cb Investing Llc. We focus on helping sellers dispose of Real Estate quickly and easily and we focus on helping our Investors and our buyers get really great returns.

Recent Achievements:

  • Keller Williams Platinum Medalist Award Winner
  • Rookie of The Year Award Winner
  • Extensive sales career of over 22 years
  • My clients are raving fans
  • Sold and closed over $500,000,000.00 in products over the course of my career resulting in trusted and long term relationships