39 River St. Danvers, MA SOLD! For a Staggering $985,000

39 River St Danvers

Chris Blasczak bags a fortune for the owners of 39 River St. Danvers – the off market property sold for 46% higher than the average listing price for similar homes.

Danvers, MA; January 9, 2017: Full service realtor Chris Blasczak recently sealed a deal on behalf of their clients for River Street, Danvers, MA property at an astonishingly high price of $985,000. Although the average listing prices for properties in Danvers, MA have been mounting over the past couple of years, the median listing prices for properties currently stand at $389,000 only.
Massachusetts is home to some of the finest properties in the country. The miles long Massachusetts coastline gives the state an ideal vacation-appeal and the oceanfront properties only add to the overall charm. This is one of the major reasons why Massachusetts is ranked among one of the most expensive real estates in the country. The median home value in the state stands at $355,383. However, there are certain areas in Massachusetts where the median home values fluctuate between 600,000 to over a million.
Housing costs in the town of Danvers are no different. The property here ranks among the most expensive properties in the nation. It may owever come as a surprise to most that the Danvers real estate is doesn’t quite make it to the list of Massachusetts communities with the most  xpensive real estate. Even with that, the town provides ample opportunities of good business to professional realtors like Chris Blasczak, who just sold 39 River St. Danvers, MA for a staggering $985,000.

In conversation with us, Chris Blasczak – the man behind this monumental sale – said, “Massachusetts is much of a goldmine for property owners. The home value and prices here have been on the rise for years now, but that’s still not the most interesting part. What makes real estate in Massachusetts different from the rest of U.S. is the fact that it has something great for everyone – and by everyone I mean the sellers, the buyers, and the real estate agents – one just needs to know what they’re getting into. 39 River St. Danvers, MA is just one of the several off market properties we’ve successfully managed to sell for an exclusive profit.”
39 River Street, Danvers, MA was built in 1964. This multi-family home is a 2 storey structure with a basement constructed over a 0.35 acres lot size. The property offers generic apartments spread across 5,015 square feet. The property lies in the 01923 ZIP code, where the average list price of properties is estimated to be $484,114. The fact that Chris Blasczak as able to sell this property at an impressive price without a proper listing is something that has even the seasoned realtors in the region in  omplete awe.

Chris Blasczak

Mr. Blasczak, however was humble enough to shrug off the compliment politely stating, “It’s what I do. Like I said, Massachusetts real estate is quite rewarding as long as you know what you’re getting into. I have been mainly operating in the Greater Boston and North Shore region of the state and I have kept my business philosophy simple: understand what the client want and deliver that to them. Getting a good price for a property is all about playing it right for the value. Sometimes, a little amount invested on the property can generate a much larger return when you go out to sell them same. You just need to know the right drill.”
Most real estate gurus will agree to Chris’ deconstruction of the real estate business and the fact that placing emphasis on customer relations goes a long way in this business. For now, Chris and his team are helping people sell off and buy homes in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas o Massachusetts. Their work speaks volumes of their services and 39 River St. Danvers was just another jewel in their crown.
With the Massachusetts real estate prices expected to rise further this year, the market is brimming with sellers and buyers alike to get the best deals for themselves. What we need to see is how the market will unfold for these parties in the coming months.

About Chris Blasczak

Chris Blasczak is a self made professional realtor operating in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts. With more than two decades of relentless market study and high line sales, Chris Blasczak has vast knowledge and expansive network that he efficiently utilizes to extract what’s best for his clients. Affiliated Herrick-Lutts Realty Partners, Chris knows the art of buying and selling property while cultivating strategic relationships and loyal clientele along the way.

Website: http://chrisblasczak.com/
Email: chris@chrisblasczak.com
Phone: 978-490-0906

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