The Best Schools in Greater Boston Area

Schools Greater Boston

Schools Greater Boston

If you’re moving to the Greater Boston area then finding the best school for your kids is probably at the top of your agenda. If that is indeed the case then you’re in luck! The Greater Boston area has some of the best schools in the country so finding quality education for your kids shouldn’t be a problem for you. High-quality educational facilities at affordable prices are what Greater Boston offers to its residents. The area has great educational opportunities for all whether it’s a useful university degree or a good high-school education.
Ratings recently released by the Education Week are a good way to gauge the quality of education offered in the Greater Boston area. The report published by the Education Week during the early part of 2016 ranked Massachusetts as the ‘best State’ for education. Each state was scored based on how it performed in three key areas. Massachusetts managed to get a score of 86.8 out of 100, which was 12 points better than the national average of 74.4. The colleges and schools based in the Greater Boston area were a major reason Massachusetts scored so well. The Greater Boston area features many educational institutes including hundreds of schools. In Boston alone, there are over 150 schools so finding quality education for your kids shouldn’t be a problem. Following are three of the best schools in the Greater Boston area.

Edward Brooke Charter School

Many people consider Edward Brooke Charter School as the best school in Greater Boston. After all, the school has a perfect rating. The school has students with different ethnic backgrounds. In fact, it is one of the most multi racial schools in the Greater Boston area. The Edward Brooke Charter School gives students access to quality education and a number of extracurricular activities including dance, music, drawing/painting, basketball, soccer, and theater/drama.

Newton North High school

Previously known as Newton High school, Newton North High school is one of the biggest and oldest schools in Newtown, MA. The majority of the students who have graduated from this school have done exceptionally well in life. Established in the 1850s, Newton North High school has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. In terms of quality of education, the Newton North High school is second to none. Also, the recreational and sports facilities offered by the school are worth noticing. In short, you won’t regret sending your kid to the Newton North High school.

Match Charter Public school

Present in the city of Boston, Match Charter Public school is a school with world-class teachers and over 400 students. A multi racial school, Match Charter Public school offers sports facilities and subsidized lunches. Additionally, Spanish is taught at the school. Just like Edward Brooke Charter School, Match Charter Public school has a perfect rating.

The quality of education offered by Greater Boston is renowned the country over. The aforementioned schools are some of the schools in Greater Boston offering quality education.


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