Breaking Up with Your Agent? How To Do This?

Breaking Up with Your Agent?

Breaking Up with Your Agent

Are you thinking about breaking up with your agent because your client-agent relationship is not working out anymore? Do you feel like you are being pressurized or rushed?

Once you choose an agent, you work with them for the better part of the day. Therefore,  choosing an agent for the purpose of buying a home is a very important decision which many disregard it to be.

The right agent will work for your interest and satisfaction. Not only will they be patient, they will also be available at anytime you want to suffice your needs and help you in making a decision. It is the agent’s job to familiarize you with the market prospects, where you should invest your money, and which house you should purchase.

However, an agent does so out of self-interest as they receive a commission from the seller and split it between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. It is important you do your own research too.

However, bear in mind that you cannot just go out and buy a house. You can’t take too long either or the deal will slip right through your fingers.

But if you feel you’re being pressurized into buying a property you don’t want to buy, or are feeling rushed into making a quick decision without you having enough time to think about it, it is time you change your agent and break up with this one.

Here’s how you can do so:

Keep your cool

If your agent is manipulative and forceful, you will have loads of aggression toward him. However, don’t forget to keep your cool when breaking up with him. It is very important you do so because:

  • By keeping your cool, you won’t aggravate him to damage your reputation among the buyers or sellers.
  • You will easily get all your information, such as submission lists, sales figures, and other documents which your new agent will ask for.
  • It’s free. You can get out of a messy relationship like a boss and be absolutely guilt-free!

Keep it professional

Be professional. You don’t necessarily have to invite them over to a coffee; just write a formal e-mail and get it over and done with.

There should be no bad blood, just an official end to an official relationship. Plus, ending the agreement in written form proves that you to aren’t working together anymore.

Move on

Once you have finally ended the torturous and loss-making relationship, you don’t need to bad mouth or trash talk about them. Just make sure that your new agent knows the reason why you were unsatisfied with the previous one. This does not mean that you should personally attack their characteristic traits.

Once you have moved on, make sure you develop an understanding with the new agent and you both collaborate with each other. Mind your business and move on!

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