Buying a Home when You Already have a Mortgage to Pay


Buying a Home when You Already have a Mortgage to Pay

Buying a home when you already have a mortgage to pay can be a terrifying experience. Chris can calm your fears by assuring you it’s done all the time.

In this day and age, many people own more than one house. This may be for several reasons, possibly due to an increase in their family size or because they are planning to spend a long annual vacation each year in a specific region where you would want a permanent house to ease into the environment.

Whatever your reason is for buying another house, it is important that you are mentally and financially well-prepared to afford it.

Here is what you need to do before buying a new house when you are already indebted with mortgage installments of the one you are living in at the moment:

Budget Management

You need to draw up an efficient and sensible budget. When buying a new house, consider the monthly installments that you will be paying and whether you can afford it or not. Bargain with the seller to make the property more affordable to you. Include the annual property taxes, insurance costs, and the basic expenses you will be bearing when buying the new house. Don’t forget the mortgage costs as well! Ensure you include them in your calculations as well!


Submit a pre-sanction when purchasing a new house. This will ensure your loan is authorized and allowed before you actually decide to buy the house. This way, you will already have a lump sum amount of money to make the down payments. Through this pre-sanction, the bank will already have acknowledged and confirmed the amount you need for getting that house.

Reliable Agent

Your agent needs to be reliable and a benefactor. This way, the agent will make sure to introduce you to properties that fall in your budget.

Agents who work to realize their own motives show around properties that exceed the loan limit and later on, it may lead to the lender declining the loan.


It is important you are efficient in your communication. You need to bring together your agent and your lender so that they can exchange the sales contract and your essential information.

You need to ensure coordination with your lender and real estate agent and have them coordinate amongst themselves as well. This way, your loan approval requirements will be fulfilled and you will receive the loan without any problems.


Last but not the least, it is highly essential to maintain a savings account dedicated to the purchase of your new house. This way, you will have enough money to show in your bank statement to make the purchase process easier.

The seller automatically becomes convinced to sell their property to someone who can actually make an immediate down payment for the initial six months as this means that the buyer is legitimately and genuinely interested in the property.

Buying a house when you already have a mortgage on your shoulder can be a burden, unless you have a proper back up plan to make all the payments and lead the process smoothly.

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