Your Checklist for Buying a Beachside Home


Have you been dreaming of buying a beach house?

Preparing to surprise your family with an extraterrestrial summer present?

Are you looking for a waterfront property purchase?

It seems a pretty daunting task to be financially stable to purchase a beach house. But buying a beach house and buying a land-locked house is different.

There are certain delicacies that you need to take into consideration when buying a waterfront property. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Does the land stretch to the coastal line?

  • Where does your property’s lot line stop? It is important to fence a self-owned lot line to avoid intruders or intruding into someone else’s property?
  • Has anyone claimed ownership of the land between the plot line and the shoreline?
    It is a necessary measure to prevent illegal use of someone else’s property as well as being fooled by a fraud who sells you someone else’s rightfully owned land resulting in you losing your money?
  • Has the area of your property been platted and recognized at all? You need to make sure that this piece of land the agent is showing you is not an open public property. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim you rights.

Check the Maps

  • What are the publicly acknowledged maps of your property? This will allow you to recognize whether your purchased land is even identified.

Review the Property

  • Is someone else illegally using your property? Make sure that the owner hasn’t already sold a portion of your property to someone else and has paid you in full.
  • What are the rights of whoever is hoarding a dock or using motor boats? It is important for you to know the ownership and legal rights of anyone who hoards a dock or uses the area of your land for any purpose.
  • Ask for a detailed property report. This way, you’ll be reported to with the minor details of the property and its wrongs and rights.
  • Ask for infrastructural/ residential utilities. It is important you ask for the electricity and gas attachments. Only consider buying a property if the basic infrastructural utilities are equipped.
  • Check for the property appraiser. This person will inform you of any rise in the property’s price (If there was any at all)


Is there any construction of protective work? It is important to check for measures of protection that have been taken for you and your family’s sake.


  • Is the plastering waterproof?
  • Are the windows airtight?
  • Is there a basement in the house?

It is important you ask your agent all these questions just to be sure. Compare all the prices and go for the most legitimate, secured and affordable beach house you can find!

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