Chris Blasczak – Platinum Medalist of the Keller Williams Realty Outstanding Achievement Award

Keller Williams Realty Outstanding Achievement Award

If you live in the Greater Boston area and are looking for a trusted real estate professional then Chris Blasczak is who you need. A Keller Williams Platinum Medalist Award Winner, Blasczak has more than 20 years of real estate experience and is abreast with the latest real estate market trends. A self-made man, Chris Blasczak is a Platinum Medalist of the Keller Williams Realty Outstanding Achievement Award and knows the industry best practices, is well travelled, and has mastered the art of providing first class service to clients.

Chris Blasczak can help you to achieve your objective whether you want to move to a new location, buy your first home, sell your current home, or invest in real estate. Specializing in the North Shore communities, Blasczak is a real estate professional who ‘prioritizes’ customer service above all else. Chris Blasczak does everything he possibly can to make the process smooth for clients. Also, Blasczak is more than willing to answer your questions whether they are about local or national real estate. Proof of Blasczak’s professionalism and brilliance are the two awards he’s received thus far. The more notable of the two awards received by Blasczak is the Keller Williams Platinum Medalist Award.

Chris Blasczak won the aforementioned award for the year 2015. Blasczak was given the award in an event held in April last year. The event was held at the Pinecrest Inn in Pinehurst. Over 30 agents were recognized for their sales performances during the previous year and awards were given to the top-producing agents and teams. Additionally, Keller Williams recognized the achievements of their vendor partners in the event.

Next on the agenda were the production awards, the Keller Williams Realty International Associate Medallion Awards that recognize individual, team or group production. Units sold and Gross Commission Income (GCI) during the calendar year are the basis for giving these awards. The awards are divided into five categories: bronze, silver, gold, double gold, and platinum. Bronze is the lowest category of awards while platinum is the highest award given during the night.

The Platinum award is given to individuals, teams, or groups with the most Gross Commission Income (GCI). In 2015, the platinum award winners had a Gross Commission Income (GCI) of over a million. One of those winners was Chris Blasczak. The Keller Williams Platinum Medalist Award is a prestigious award as it’s given by Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams Realty is a leader in the real estate industry and has more than 150,000 associates around the world. Moreover, it is recognized as the number one real estate training organization and best real estate company by publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.

If you’re in the Greater Boston area and want real estate help then contacting Chris Blasczak is the best thing to do. A Keller Williams Platinum Medalist Award Winner, Blasczak has solutions for all your real estate problems so getting in touch with him is the right thing to do.


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