Conquering New Heights: Chris Blasczak Becomes Star Realtor in Greater Boston and North Shore Region

Chris Blasczak overcomes all odds to join ranks among the top rated realtor in the affluent communities of North Shore and Greater Boston.

Star Realtor in Greater Boston and North Shore Region

November 15, 2017: When it comes to top notch professionalism and expertise in the field of real estate, there are only a few names that stand out. Among realtors in North Shore and Greater Boston area, Chris Blasczak happens to be a star realtor in Greater Boston and North Shore Region.

The Greater Boston and North Shore regions in Massachusetts happen to be two of the most prosperous communities in the US. Dominated mostly by millennial population and young families, this particular area is known for its global contribution in the fields of higher education, biotechnology, finance, and engineering.

It is the same popularity of this region that has led to an increasing demand for homes, as people seek to build better, promising futures in the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, this demand for homes surpasses the inventory for sale by quite a margin, pushing home prices up. The imbalance in the market can be quite daunting for first-time home buyers and sellers if it were not for the likes of Chris Blasczak.

“A major part of conquering the real estate market lies in how well you know the industry and its dynamics,” says Blasczak. “Greater Boston and North Shore may seem like every other real estate market in the United States, but that’s not actually how it is. Although stable, the market has the tendency to fluctuate when you break it down into smaller localities. This is where you need the help of an expert.”

With over 22 years of experience and closings and sales worth more than $ 500 million to his credit, Blasczak takes it upon himself to crack the best deals for his clients. This super realtor has become increasingly popular among masses looking to sell, buy, or invest in residential properties across the Greater Boston and North Shore areas.

When asked how he managed to join the ranks of top-tier realtors in the Massachusetts, Blasczak added with a smile, “I anchor all my success to the dedication I work with. When a client comes to me to buy or sell or invest in a property, the first thing I see is how can I make that happen for them – at top dollar. What’s in it for me? Of course I get the financial benefit too, but that’s not as important as the client leaving my office in an ecstatic mood.

See, when they leave happy, they go out and tell ten other people they know about how I got them the best deals possible. That’s how the reputation builds. You make one client happy, there will be 10 walking into your office, followed by a hundred more. That’s how I do it and I have to tell you, I have my hands full!”

The real estate industry across the US is crowded with realtors trying to make a name for themselves. There are those who keep trying all their lives and then there are the likes of Chris Blasczak who have found their path to success, and plan to continue walking it on to pursue greater heights.

About Chris Blasczak

Chris Blasczak is a self-made professional realtor operating in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts. With more than two decades of relentless market study and high line sales, Chris Blasczak has vast knowledge and expansive network that he efficiently utilizes to extract what’s best for his clients. Chris knows the art of buying and selling property while cultivating strategic relationships and loyal clientele along the way.




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