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First Impressions make a lot of impact. This is not just limited to the appearance of your house but instead, is also about the deal you get. When someone comes to tour your house, they come with certain expectations and a focused mindset. This is your best opportunity to get it right and make a difference.

The Deal Appeal

It is the appeal of a thing that draws us towards it. It can be the addition of benefits, some relaxation in the amount of payment, a limited time discount, or even something as simple as the mode of payment. When you make an offer, make it attractive. Many people completely ignore marketing strategies when making an offer. By marketing strategies here, I do not mean publicity methods; instead, they are the ways in which you make the offer. For instance, if your make an offer of giving up a couple of thousand dollars worth in credit towards closing cost, it will add a spark to your original offer by increasing the potential turnouts or improve the response.

First Look

Your property’s impression will not be made based on the interior only. The outer appearance, especially the curb appeal, neighborhood, and external features can be crucial deal makers or breakers. So, make a checklist to ensure that your garden is well manicured, the outer walls have a lustrous coat of fresh paint, the walk is neat and tidy, and everything looks pleasant and appealing.

De-clutter your Home

You may think that it is enough to make sure that the rooms and living areas are in a presentable condition. However, what most people don’t know is that storage places may blow the deal off. If you have stored all the clutter and other unwanted stuff in the closet which is brimming to the top, it may leave a very unpleasant impression when potential buyers check the storage spaces of the house. Either properly organize the stuff that is needed from time-to-time and discard unnecessary belongings or rent a storage unit and store your extra stuff there till you make a deal and move out.


Buyers should see your property as one that they can imagine to be their own. If you have too many personal pictures displayed around the house or talk about the sentiments attached to each and everything, they may not be able to relate to it.

Right Marketing

How you market your home is a complete game changer. You can promote the house on your own or hire a professional photographer to make a formal advertisement. If you opt for the personal promotion option, you can use social media and post ads online. However, if you are having a professional photo shoot done, also contact a good agency to help you target the best clients. It is noteworthy to mention that your agent also makes a huge difference. So, choose your team and strategies wisely to make the best deal!





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