Middlesex County: All You Need to Know About Life in Newton

All You Need to Know About Life in Newton

Life in Newton

Present twenty minutes west of Boston, Newton is city in Middlesex County with an estimated population of just over eighty thousand. According to Money Magazine, Newton is one of the best places to live in the U.S. Established as a town in 1688, Newton offers high quality of life and state-of-the art healthcare. There are many pros of living in this city. Firstly, the unemployment rate of Newton is 3.7%, which is 1.5% less than the national average. Secondly and most importantly, Newton has a quality of life rating of 190, 90 more than national average. If you’re thinking about moving to consider life in Newton.

The best schools in the country

If you want your kids to attend amazing schools then Newton is where you need to be. In Newton, you will find a lot of public schools and the good thing is that they all have a school rating of over 5. In fact, three of its schools including Pierce Elementary school, Mason-Rice Elementary school, and Ward Elementary school have a perfect rating. Also, the high school graduation rate of Newton is 11% more than that of Massachusetts.

High property prices

Expensive property is what you’d expect a city or town with a high quality of life to have. According to Zillow, the median home value of Newton is a staggering $933,300. Additionally, price per square foot in the city is $480, $232 more than the Boston metropolitan average. Rental property isn’t cheap either. In Newton, the average monthly rent for an apartment is more than $2500.


Newton is one of the safest places in Massachusetts. While living in the city, you can take long alone walks during the night without any fear. The crime rate of Newton is 56% lower than the Massachusetts average.

A lot of Museums

The city of Newton houses many museums. A museum visited often by tourists and locals is the Jackson Homestead, an Underground Railroad stop in the 1800s. Present in Newton corner village, Jackson Homestead is a museum that reveals the efforts to stop slavery in the country. Additionally, it exhibits the early history of the city. A local history museum, Jackson Homestead houses a number of historical maps, manuscripts, photographs, costumes, painting and other artifacts.

Outing opportunities

When it comes to outdoor fun, only a few cities in the United States compare to Newton. There is so much to do in the city. For example, you can visit Chestnut Hill Reservation, a 19th century engineering masterpiece for breathtaking views and long walks by a large reservoir.
Another place in Newton worth visiting is Charles River Canoe and Kayak. An ideal place for an outing, Charles River Canoe and Kayak has a canoeing history of more than a hundred years. Finally, you can visit The Auburndale Park if you’re looking for a sandy beach, a picnic area, ball fields, or a playground.

Newton is a great place to live and the aforementioned things are what you expect while living in the city.

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