Your Mini Guide to Essex County, MA


Located in the state of Massachusetts, the Essex County is home to a population of 737,395 people distributed among 286,896 households. Established in 1643, the county boasts some spectacular pre-World War architecture. The county houses some of the best towns in Massachussets when it comes to livability and security.

The Demographics

This Massachusetts county population consists of people belonging to various ethnicities and races, mainly dominated Hispanics and white Americans. People living in this county also trace back their ancestries to Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, France, and England. Normally, residents of Essex County communicate in English, however some people also speak French.
The per capita income for Essex County stands at $36,035, whereas an average household here earns around $68,776 annually. Both these figures are substantially higher than the nation’s as a whole.

The Lifestyle

Given the median income and per capita income of the region, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that majority of the households in the county are well-off. You could describe a big chunk of the population as “urban sophisticates” – they are not entirely affluent, but have stable professional occupation and educational degrees that matter.
Suiting the tastes and interests of these urban sophisticates, the county has tons to offer in terms of refined entertainment. This includes theater, bookstores, luxury travel, upscale clothing stores, ballet, and symphony.
The population in this county is fairly well-distributed in the small town, big towns, and the suburbs. The county has an exceptionally literacy rate and is home to some of the most prestigious public and private educational institutions. This is one of the main reasons why people consider settling in Essex County, Massachusetts to bring up their family. The community is solid, peaceful, and family-friendly.

The Real Estate

Essex County offers a variety of variety of real estate properties. From single-family homes to town houses, apartments, and condos – one can find properties to suit every form of lifestyle. The median home price in Essex County is estimated at $349,300.
The Best Towns
There is an extensive range of neighborhoods and towns to choose from when living in Essex County. People usually prefer homes in:


With an average cost of living of 140 and the median home value at $361,100, Beverly is a great place if you’re looking for quaint townhomes. This booming downtown offers residents great opportunities for business and outdoor recreation. This coastal city boasts gorgeous beaches, verdant parks, a public Library, and fun festivals all year round.


The median home value in Lynn is $255,200 and the cost of living stands at 144. This city is a great place for people purchasing a house for the very first time. This scenic coastal city offers affordable townhouses, great beaches, and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.
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