Your Mini Guide to Middlesex County, MA

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A county in Massachusetts, Middlesex County has estimated population of over 1.5 million. This makes it the 23rd most populous county in the country. A county with a lot of history, Middlesex has an unemployment rate of just 3.6%. Moreover, it is home to some of the best schools and colleges in the country. There are many benefits of living in Middlesex County but there are some cons too. Chris Blasczak wants to be your mini-guide to Middlesex County, MA. Read on to find out the benefits and cons of living in Middlesex County, MA.

Booming economy

In terms of economic development, Middlesex County is one of the best counties in the U.S. As stated above, the county has an unemployment rate of just 3.6%. Moreover, the recent job growth in the county is positive. Since 2015, jobs in Middlesex County have increased by almost 1.5%.

When living in Middlesex County, one thing that you should expect is access to quality education. Middlesex County is home to some of the best colleges in the world including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). Additionally, the quality of education offered by the public schools in Middlesex County is second to none.

A great thing about living in Middlesex County is the opportunity to visit a number of interesting places. Some of the notable places in the county include the Jackson Homestead museum, the Stone Zoo, the Lexington Battle Green, Nashoba Valley Ski area, and the historic Mount Auburn cemetery. Also, Middlesex County has many places for your kids to have fun including Vinkari Safari, Great Wolf Lodge and Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary.

Middlesex County is one of the safest counties in the U.S. This claim is backed by the County’s low crime rate. The average crime rate of Middlesex County is 27, 14 points less than the national average. Theft, aggravated assault, rape, murder, riots, or other violent crimes rarely occur in Middlesex County.

Though it is a bit expensive than other places in the U.S, healthcare in Middlesex County is something worth noting. Middlesex County boasts state-of-the art health care facilities and the best medical practitioners in the country. If you’re looking for healthcare in the U.S then Middlesex County is where you need to be.

As stated earlier, there are some cons of living in Middlesex County. One of them is the county’s high cost of living. Middlesex County’s cost of living is almost 60% higher than the national average. Middlesex County’s high cost of living is mainly due to home prices. Property prices in Middlesex County are 145% higher than the U.S average. Other things contributing to the high cost of living include health care, groceries, and transportation.


There are many benefits of living in Middlesex County. However, the county’s high cost of living may discourage you from taking residence in it. Using the aforementioned information, you can decide whether or not to live in Middlesex County.


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