Your Mini Guide to Suffolk County, MA

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Chris Blasczak is an experienced Danvers real estate agent and mini guide to Suffolk County, MA and more.

One of the fourteen counties in Massachusetts, Suffolk County was created on May 10, 1640 by the Massachusetts General Court. The 4th most populous county in the state of Massachusetts, Suffolk has four principal cities including Boston, Revere, Winthrop, and Chelsea. Boston is the biggest city and capital of Massachusetts. In 1999, the government of Suffolk County was abolished and today the county functions under the state government as an administrative subdivision. The estimated population of Suffolk County is over 750,000 and it is present by the Massachusetts Bay. Following is your mini guide to Suffolk County, MA.

The county has a low unemployment rate

A good thing about Suffolk County is its low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate of Suffolk County is 4.2%, 1%, less than the U.S average. The majority of the people in Suffolk County earn a private wage or salary, 6% are employed by the government while 25% are self-employed. The industries employing people in Suffolk County include the finance industry, real estate, insurance, health and social services, education and waste management services.

An ethnically diverse county

A good reason to live in Suffolk County is being exposed to different cultures and ethnicities. Suffolk County is an ethnically diverse county with 48% whites, 20% Hispanics, 20% blacks, 8% Asians and 4% other races. While living in Suffolk County, you will come across people belonging to all sorts of backgrounds. Multiculturalism is what makes this county unique.

Access to quality education

The quality of education provided by the schools and colleges in Suffolk County is extremely high. A number of reputable schools and colleges are present in the County. Some of the notable educational institutes of Suffolk County include Emerson College, the Boston Architectural Center, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, and Art Institute of Boston.

Transportation in the County

Suffolk County is an entirely urban area and the majority of the people in this county travel using their own car. To be specific, 44% of the people in Suffolk County travel using their own car. 16% of the population uses the subway, 12% take the bus and another 12% walk to work. The remaining population either works/stays at home or cycles to their destination.

High cost of living

Suffolk County is not a cheap county to live in. The cost of living of Suffolk County is 61.3% higher than the national average. A major reason for Suffolk’s high cost of living is the price of properly. The price of property in Suffolk County is 142% higher than the U.S average. Other factors contributing to the county’s high cost of living include utilities and health care.

Many places to visit

One thing is for sure: you will never get bored in Suffolk County. Whether you live in Chelsea, Revere, or Boston, you’ll always have something to do in Suffolk County. Popular places to visit in the county include the Freedom trail, Fenway Park, Revere Beach and the Apollinaire Theater.


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