An Overview of Boston, MA

Park Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Overview Boston MA

Boston is a large city next to the coast in Massachusetts. Many of the structures, including houses in Boston, were built before World War II, and that is where the place gets it historic value from. The city holds a population of 667,137 residents in 179 neighborhoods, automatically making Boston the biggest community in the state of Massachusetts.

The People Making the Place

Boston is a very white collar city to live in; the records show that 89.66% of its working population is white collar, which goes over the national average statistic. On top of that, Boston happens to be a college town as well. The students that live around the area have a major influence on the culture of the city. The combination of a big city and college culture is what most believe has given Boston its sophisticated style.

Boston is also known to retain many college students who have been looking to start new careers; it has therefore created a large population of people who are upwardly mobile, educated, single, and young. This is what has made the metropolitan a spectacular place to live in as a young professional, or someone looking to settle with a new job and their family.

Since it is a big city, Boston comes with its fair share of benefits to the people living here. One of the advantages of Boston is its public transit system, which is used by most people for their daily commute to and from work, so much so that it is deemed the highest in all of the largest cities in America. A lot of people in Boston ride the subway, while in many other cities people are simply destined to sit in the traffic every day just to get to work or get back home.

The education level of the city ranks as the highest one in the entire country. According to official stats, out of people who are 25 and older, 44.59% have at least a bachelors degree.

Boston is also a very ethnically inclusive city. The people who have been living in Boston call themselves to belonging to a range of racial groups. The highest number of residents here, according to race are Caucasian, followed by African American, followed by Hispanic. Other significant ancestries in Boston include Polish, Haitian, German, English, Italian, and Irish. In addition to that, Boston houses 27.04% of people who moved to the city to settle later on in life.

The languages you would commonly hear in Boston are diverse as well. By this, it means the languages that people are heard talking at home. The common languages following English are Chinese, Creole, French, and Spanish, and not necessarily in that order.

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