An Overview of Chelsea, MA

Tobin Bridge

Chelsea is located in the Suffolk County and dominates a majority of the landscape from across the Mystic River. The best thing about the city is that it is diverse community even though you will find more people from the working class here.

Chelsea used to be a struggling city, with its main industry and source of livelihood for most residents on the verge of bankruptcy. The place has definitely reversed its situation for the better. The improvement in Chelsea’s economy is evident in the new developments around the area.

Owing to the proximity to Boston and relative affordability, Chelsea has had more than 1200 houses since 2005. Most of these are loft style apartments and condos which are extremely suitable for young professionals and small families who want to move into the area. There has also been a lot of development in restaurant, entertainment avenues, and retail outlets.

The Neighborhoods of Chelsea

Admirals Hill

This place is right on top of the spot where Island End River and Mystic River meet. The area is famous for its expansive views and is mostly just residential. On the southern side of the hill is the Chelsea Naval Hospital along with many granite and brick structures which have been converted for other uses.

Addison Orange

This area is next to the north side of town. This area is also mostly residential and densely populated. The Washington Avenue crosses here.

The Chelsea Square

This area has the most historic sites by far in all of Chelsea. You will discover a grouping of structures that date back to the 19tha and 20th century. There are waterfront properties here as well, with 19th century houses made entirely out of brick.

Chelsea Commons

This area was once called the Parkway Plaza. It dominates all of the flat area next to the Mill Creek. The whole place is all about large apartments, and large retail and fast food joints.


This is right next to Revere and if you are a fan of pizza know that the Newbridge Café is in this part of town.

Soldiers Home

This neighborhood is the least dense area in the city. At its peak you will see large structures looming down.

The Box District

Only a block away from the City, the Box District neighborhood is named after the many box manufacturing companies that work around the area and have been since as early as 1903. The area was rezoned as a residential space and therefore one of the fastest growing places in terms of development in all of Chelsea.

Carter Park Wyndham

The Carter Park neighborhood has a a lot of homes with Queen Anne style architecture. All of the buildings are surrounded by heavy commercial areas. Chelsea High and the Historic Clock are in this area.

Mill Hill

Mill Hill is mostly residential with building that are between two and three stories and wood frame structures. Eastern Avenue travels across here.

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