Suffolk County – The Ideal Neighborhood for You

Seal of Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Suffolk County: The Ideal Neighborhood for You!

Suffolk County is one of the 14 counties in the state of Massachusetts. The county was created in May 1643, and was named after the English County of Suffolk. The county is surrounded by the Middlesex County, the Norfolk County, and the Essex County.

The industries thriving in Suffolk include administrative, management, scientific, finance, educational, health services, and waste management services. 69% of the workers here earn a private wage, 6% of workers are employed by the government, and 25% are self employed.

Ethnic Diversity in Suffolk County

This part of Massachusetts is home to a diverse range of people. You will find people of all sorts of backgrounds here. This versatility is where Suffolk County gets its uniqueness. The most dominant race after Caucasians are Latin Americans, making up 19.9% of the population; followed by African Americans, who make up 19.8%, followed by Asians who make up 8.2%, and the rest are other races.


Colleges in the county include some popular places like the Art Institute of Boston, the Bay State College, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, the Boston Architectural center, and Emerson College.

There are plenty of school districts in Suffolk near many reputable and safe neighborhoods.

Government in Suffolk

Suffolk County has no separate county government over it. It came to be after the division of the geographic region. Therefore all the county functions are handled by state agencies. That beings said, the district attorney, sheriff, and regional officials are elected locally. There are no county commissioners, executives or even a council, and the elected members have duties at county level. Before the county government was abolished, this authority was exercised by the City Council, even though three communities in this county have never been part of the city. Right now the communities have been granted a right to make their own regional compacts because they share services.

House Units in Suffolk County

There are around 39,000 detached single housing units in the area, over 14,000 attached housing units, and over 46,500 double housing units. Currently houses bought on mortgage come close to 26,835 units.

Religion in Suffolk County

Religion in the county varies between catholic, mainline protestant, evangelical protestant, black protestant, and orthodox.

Transportation around Suffolk

Suffolk County is an entirely urban area. Therefore people wonder how complex, and tough the transition would be. Unlike many other metropolis areas, the residents of Suffolk County rely on more than just one main form of transportation. In fact 44% of the population drives their own car, 10% carpools, 12% take the bus, 16% use the subway, 12% admit they walk, and the rest either work at home, take the railroad, or cycle their way to work.

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