Top 5 Places to Buy a Beachside Home

Are you a beach lover looking for a private getaway? But, you’re on a budget?

From 2007-2009, the USA’s real estate business flourished and ever since, beach houses have been held a high regard even though the property’s prices have declined.

If you’re looking for a good return on your investment or just a private place to spend your vacations in a beach house, here are some reliable and popular places where you should consider buying a Beachside Home:

1. Florida's Pensacola Beach

Walkway to the Beach

In Florida, consider buying a beach house by the Pensacola Beach. The property is relatively cheap if compared to all the other land-locked houses available here.

The beach is a hub of kayakers and bicycle riders due to the expansive coast which is well-protected and guarded. Here, you can come with your children and spouse and enjoy the amazing seafood which isn’t all too costly either!

A house close to Perdido Key offers 3 bedrooms accompanied by 2 bathrooms, breakfast, car parking, pools, hot tubs, chimney and a store house.

Not only is it a good place to spend your money, you also get to enjoy the luxurious facilities alongside the beach.

2.     Santa Cruz, CA

Beach Vacation

On the hunt for beach houses? It won’t be a surprise if Santa Cruz is on your list.

The home of the famous sport of surfing, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the place you want for yourself!

The beach houses here follow a standard having of 2 bedrooms, a well-furnished bathroom, private pools, and lavish hot tub facilities. The beach houses too are close to the city’s central spa and salon treatment centers.

It provides the perfect blend of privacy yet staying in touch with the outside world!

3.     Bay St. Louis


Close to the historic and culturally-rich city of New Orleans, the area provides a dose of tranquility to all visitors.

The beach houses by this shore not only smack you with a breeze of peace and calm, they also exhibit the fine ancient interiors. This way, not only do you get to enjoy the modern facilities of spas and hot tubs, but you are also able to take in the ancient architecture.

And the beach houses here are affordable!

4.     Canaveral National Seashore


A home to the NASA Space Complex, the city of Titusville is a coastal region which is most popular for Canaveral National Beach.

With facilities such as surfing, swimming, cruising and fishing in the ocean, this beach is sure to catch your eye.

And the best part of why you should consider buying a beach house in this region is because this is the cheapest town around!

1.     Deerfield Beach

Overlooking the Water

If you are extremely hygiene-conscious and are a cleanliness freak, this is your beach!

On the coast of Broward County, Deerfield Beach is the cleanest beach in all of Florida and houses a Clean Beach Council. The council titled this beach as “Blue Wave” because of the extremely clean and translucent water.

Quiet Water Parks are located close by where you can go camping, wakeboarding, skiing, surfing, fishing, and skating.

The beach houses here are neat, luxurious and spacious! Close to all such facilities, this place makes it an obligation to consider it before you go around and spend your dollars!

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