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Your Mini Guide to Greater Boston, MA

Are you moving to Greater Boston, MA? If yes then read on because we’re going to reveal information that you’ll find extremely useful once you’ve landed in the Greater Boston area. There are many pros of living in the Greater Boston area including four seasons, cheap public transportation, many restaurants and bars, and quality education. On the other hand, things that you may not like about the area include its bad drivers and the inflated

Greater Boston, MA is a Fantastic Place to Raise a Family

Greater Boston is a Fantastic Place to Raise a Family – Here’s why

Greater Boston, MA is a Fantastic Place to Raise a Family. Looking for the ideal abode for your family? Choose Greater Boston, MA if you want to live in a place with great food, fantastic public transportation, quality education and numerous entertainment spots. In terms of quality education, cost of living, and healthcare, only a few regions in the United States fare better than the Greater Boston area. Additionally, many events for the fa

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How Good is Groveland, MA for You? Find Out

Located in Essex County, MA, Groveland is a small town. The area has just one constituent neighborhood and a population of 6,750. It is not one of the largest communities in Massachusetts, but the place is rich in history, art, and architecture. Like most other towns and cities of Massachusetts, Groveland too has a good chunk of architecture belonging to the pre-World War II era. The town’s climate is mostly bright and sunny throughout the year

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Buying a House in Saugus, MA? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying a House in Saugus, MA Are you considering buying a house in Saugus, MA? You may find it interesting to know, the medium-sized town of Saugus is located on the coastline of Essex County in Massachusetts. The town is constituted into 5 different neighbourhoods and has a population of almost 28,000 people. Saugus is rich in history, art, culture, and architecture. The Demographics & Other Information Saugus is home to people belongin

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Life in Belmont, MA

Life in Belmont, MA Located in Essex County, MA the medium-sized town of Belmont is Massachusetts’ 75th largest community. The town’s population of 25,584 is spread across 8 constituent neighbourhoods. Belmont boasts rich culture, architecture, and history with some of the buildings dating back to the pre-World War II era. The Demographics & Other Information The median age of Belmont’s population is around 41 years. People here ar

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Top reasons to live in Greater Boston

Top reasons to live in Greater Boston The 10th largest metropolitan area in the United States, Greater Boston is known for its bustling cities, entertainment and of course, people. A metropolitan area with an estimated population of over 4 million, Greater Boston is one of the best regions to live in the United States. The principal cities of this metropolitan area include Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Providence, Lowell, and Quincy. With an e

Life in Greater Boston Area

Life in Greater Boston

Greater Boston Area All packed up and ready to move to Greater Boston Area? If yes then you need to know about the life in the area before you land at the Logan International Airport or see the ‘Welcome to Boston’ sign. Whether you live in the suburbs or city proper, life in Greater Boston is a treat. It’s no surprise that Boston, one of the principal cities of Greater Boston, ranks high in livability rankings. A world-class metropolitan

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New in Greater Boston? Here are 5 Things You Should Totally Try!

It is always hard to move to a new place. A whole new lifestyle, new jobs, new people, and a big transitional period of loneliness and unfamiliarity are what you’re faced with. In order to know what you have to do for some fun and for meeting new people, always do your research about the place you’re planning to move to beforehand. A variety of diverse attractions and activities ensure there’s something to do in Greater Boston for everyone.

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Winthrop Town, MA is a Good Place to Own a Home

Winthrop, MA is a Good Place to Own a Home This town of Winthrop, MA has great star power and is called one of the most densely populated places in the state. You may hear it, but you won’t believe it, because living in Winthrop makes you feel like living in a perfect community with that small town feel to it. The town was named after the Bay Colony’s governor, John Winthrop. This was back in 1630, which easily makes Winthrop one of the

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The 5 Best Boston Suburbs for Families

5 Best Boston Suburbs for Families Everybody knows that Boston is the always alive, always busy center of as far as their world might go. It makes it difficult to raise a family, particularly with the rates the apartments are available for, especially as you will find the ones near your place. Sure these are great spaces, but if you are not looking for a bachelor pad condo, and looking to start a family, your best bet in Boston are the excelle

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