The Benefits of Working with Chris Blasczak a.k.a. CB

Benefits of Working with Chris Blasczak… Most people connected with or being part of the real estate market in North Shore and Greater Boston areas are familiar with Chris Blasczak – the best real estate agent and real estate investor in the Boston area. Those who aren’t familiar with him have at least heard of him.

Chris Blasczak or CB, as he is commonly known, is the owner of Liberty Residential Realty LLC and CB Investing LLC. In addition, his latest entrepreneurial venture, Agent Investor Pro provides the tools to educate sellers, buyers, real estate investors and others in the real estate industry to rocket launch their careers in real estate investing using cutting-edge techniques to build their profession at lightning fast speed.

The star realtor recently addressed a group of real estate industry aspirants on how he – Chris Blasczak – can offer real estate mentoring to help new real estate agents build a career in the industry. During the speech, CB highlighted how it is relatively easier for people to find a real estate agent who helps them in buying or selling a home or investment property; but there are only a handful of agents who would actually do what’s necessary to make good money a real estate transaction.

“In this case, you need a lot more than just a real estate agent. In fact, you need a seasoned and polished sales professional. To learn about a real estate market is a complex process. There are multiple factors influencing the ups and downs of real estate. Things get especially challenging when you’re looking at properties in different towns and cities. This is where you need the expert experience of someone who knows the industry inside out,” says CB.

CB began his career over 18 years ago with simple buying and selling of his personal property. During this time, he has witnessed two cycles of the real estate market shift, which have added up to his extensive experience in the industry. The master realtor has served clients across Greater Boston, helping them sell and close properties for top dollar. This is what made him the best real estate agent not only with his clients but also online.

Talking about his extensive career, CB said, “Since I began my formal career, I’ve managed to execute nearly 100 traditional and off-market deals in a timeframe of a little more than 2 years! Needless to say, I have been extremely busy taking this path of success. It’s that kind of experience that gets you what you’re looking for in specialized real estate markets.

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