Chris Blasczak Hits His First $1 Million Earnings in Record Time!

Chris Blasczak Hits His First $1 Million Earnings in Record Time – When you talk about real estate agents and agencies operating in your locality, there wouldn’t be many that stand out of the crowd. Things are slightly different when you live in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts.

Let’s just say that the boom in this particular real estate market of the country is closely matched by the number of exceptionally adept real estate agents operating in the region. One of these fine gems happens to be Chris Blasczak (CB).

Chris began his career as a real estate agent by buying his first property in 1999 following which he moved on to buy over 10 personal properties. He has never looked back since.

CB has worked with some of the best real estate agents in the country. Chris would have had a promising career had he chose to stay with the likes of real estate typical franchises; however, he being the real estate investor that he is, he has opened not only his VERY OWN successful brokerage firm -Liberty Residential LLC but also a real estate agent named CB Investing LLC.

Now Chris and his team are focusing on a new flagship company that he plans to launch soon. AgentInvestorPro.Com will be the place where Chris real estate mentoring in the traditional and non-traditional realms of real estate.

“In business, I have learned that sometimes you have to take a few steps back to accomplish leaps and bounds forward, both personally and monetarily – something not many established real estate agents would consider doing. But I have done this time and time again with proven results nonetheless,” says Chris Blasczak. And guess what, he has been multiplying his success since then.

It has been just a little over 2 1/2 years that Chris Blasczak accomplished this all. The very best real estate agent “Chris Blasczak” now has almost 100 real estate transactions that he has closed, which include properties sold both traditionally and off-market.

That’s not all. During this time, the business achieved and maintained a 5-star rating by acquiring holdings and generating revenues that just crossed $1 million in record time! Such success is rare and indeed unheard of, but Chris managed to pull it off.

Like most others, you may be curious to know how he managed a feat like that. Here’s how he does it:

He Stops at Nothing

Once he sets his eyes on something, CB does whatever it takes to achieve that. It could be selling your property for top dollar on your behalf, finding you a home that is just perfect and within your budget, or finding ways to make money through real estate investments. Chris does not like limiting himself and is always prepared to push his boundaries in the best interest of his clients.

But He Does Have Values

CB, although thoroughly successful, has never let go of his personal and professional values. He may be willing to go the extra mile for his clients, but he does so with respect, integrity, and responsibility towards his clients, his business, and his competitors. This is what makes him an exceptional real estate agent.

He Makes His Experience Count

Chris makes every bit of his experience in the industry count when he’s out cracking deals on behalf of his clients. His industry insights and negotiating skills prove to be adroit tools in the process.

He Ensures Customer Satisfaction

CB is big on maintaining cordial relationships with his clients through effective communication. He listens to them, understands them, and counsels them to ensure the best possible outcomes for them. With CB, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

It isn’t every day that one comes across someone as enigmatic and professional as Chris Blasczak. He knows his job well, and he knows just how to sway the odds in his favor – a great thing for his clients who get to enjoy the infinite benefits of working with CB!

In addition to the people looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate, CB is also helping out new real estate agents endeavoring to make a career in the industry.

Are you looking for ways to make money as a real estate agent  ? Do you need to learn about real estate? Visit Chris Blasczak’s right away!

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