Chris Blasczak: The Power of Relationship Sales

Relationship Sales

The power of relationship sales is key to being a great real estate agent.
Chris Blasczak asks “In your opinion, what is the foundation of a strong, healthy relationship?”
It could be any relationship – romantic, professional or platonic. The thing is that if this relationship is strong enough to survive through the sands of time, there is definitely something that the people in it are doing right. According to the expert real estate investor, Chris Blasczak, this foundation is laid down on the basis of effective communication.

Chris believes that no relationship, be it personal or professional, can last without effective communication between the involved parties and their willingness to go the extra mile for the mutual benefit they derive out of their association.

Chris Blasczak is a successful real estate agent serving the North Shore and Greater Boston communities finding the best deals when it comes to buying, selling, educating about or investing in real estate. For him, it is important to build a thriving relationship with his clients. This relationship, according to him, is what drives his relationship sales.

In simple terms, relationship selling encompasses the process of fostering cordial acquaintances with clients – each one of them – and it all begins with listening to them. When a client approaches you, they obviously have certain needs that they want assistance with – in case of Chris, it’s educating in buying, selling or investing in homes or launching careers in real estate agency.

To build these relationships requires time, effort, and consideration – and most of it needs to come from the business’s side because it’s important to win your customer’s trust. You, as a business, are only as good as your customers perceive you to be.

Keeping that in mind, Chris follows a simple strategy based on the following steps:

He Listens

Chris listens to his clients and takes note of their requirements. He makes an effort to collect as much information as he can from the client before he starts working for them.

He Understands

There will be many “so-called” realtors in the region who listen to you but not all of them will make an effort to understand your needs as well. Chris Blasczak is not like them.

He Suggests

You can count on Chris to give you professional advice and meaningful suggestions whenever you need them. He has more than 2 decades of experience in high line sales and is determined to make every single minute of yours count.

He Communicates

When you are working with Chris Blasczak, there isn’t a time when you’re not informed about the overall and specific progress of everything that Chris does for you and on your behalf. Every detail is effectively communicated.

He Goes the Extra Mile

There are times when things go wrong or don’t seem to be working out. These are times when Chris pushes his boundaries and do whatever it takes to set things right and progress towards the end goal for his clients.

He Scores

It has been just 2 1/2 years since Chris has gone solo with his real estate agency and he already has over 100 real estate transactions to his name, plus a 5-star rating that he has consistently maintained. He makes your dreams come true!

“Every great business is built on friendship.”  – JC Penney

While Chris is on target with building professional relationships that win him, loyal clients, you as his valuable client are benefitting too. Here’s the best real estate coach that will stop at nothing to get you what you want. With Chris Blasczak as your real estate agent, there is no property you cannot buy, sell, or invest in!

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