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There is a plethora of real estate agents out there in the market, but only a few are so accomplished as to aid about 100 people move into a new city. And that too, in a property that is perfect for them!

A baguette amongst a clutter of coals, Chris Blasczak is one such successful full service real estate agent, who has made the dreams of hundreds come true by introducing them to their fairytale homes and helping them switch into the primary cities of the US.

Upon asking how Chris became so accomplished as to have completed about 100 real estate transactions in the short span of 2 ½ years, he answered, “As far as my experience goes, to be a good businessman, you need to step back sometimes, to have a higher stride in the next times. And this goes both ways, personally and financially. You might find it hard to believe but this has actually been effective for me!”

But the real question was how he nailed this. Chris had quite a simple strategy behind being able to help 100 people move into the North Shore and Greater Boston area and beyond, as well as all across the country- particularly in the Florida region. “The key is communication. To achieve something, you need to develop a good relationship with the parties involved. My goal was to help as many people find homes for their families as I could. So I tried to build a healthy and equally professional relationship with my clients. I think when you communicate with them it helps them develop an understanding with you. They get to see that you are both on the same page, and that you both want the best for themselves. This helps them trust me, and I trust them. It works both ways. So I think I wouldn’t have been able to help a 100 people move into new homes if I didn’t want to help them and if I hadn’t made enough efforts in terms of communication and research.”

Chris Blasczak unraveled his secret to effective communication that enabled him to close off 100 real estate transactions in the Florida region, all while meeting his clients half way to the end. He said, “Effective communication lies in building a strong relationship, whether it is personal or professional. And that you can do by listening carefully. This helps me understand the exact requirements of my clients and only then can I bring them to the properties that match their needs.”

He added, “I understand their family structures and budgets by putting myself in their shoes. The more empathetic I am to their situation, the better I am able to help them. And thereafter, I suggest alterations, changes and properties that I believe would fit their budgets and their family needs.”

In addition, he mentioned, “I don’t shy away from persistently going that extra mile for them. This is what makes them feel important to me and they are. But the key to do that is to be respectful, to give them the time to evaluate instead of adding pressure and clinging onto them. That is an amateur realtor mistake and my experience of 22 years in the real estate industry has taught me some wisdom.”

He concluded with a striking point, saying, “Be their mentor. Counsel them, guide them. Give them something worth their money and they will be satisfied. Word of mouth works well in the industry and I make sure I leave my customers happy and satisfied with my work.”

In this litter of self-proclaimed expert real estate agents, it is a rarity to find individuals of grounded principles, such as Chris Blasczak, who stick by moral values. If you wish to be one of those lucky individuals who find their dream properties in Greater Boston, North Shore region or nearby areas, specifically in the Florida region or in any other area of the country for that matter, then the only real estate agency you can trust is Chris’.

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